Brand Ambassador

Our brand ambassador program is 100% voluntary by participants that apply.

This is NOT a job or career with Sigil Occult Jewelry (SOJ).

We appreciate that some people want to help us promote our products. We also know that some have businesses of your own. A collaboration, as we understand it, is two entities working together to promote one another.

We will do our part on a collaboration by promoting your site, business, and social media accounts while in return you provide the same or at least, provide some content that we can share, post, or tag on social media and our website.

We only ask that you provide some content or tags at least once a month. This will simply assure us that you still want us to consider you the next time we send out new items.

We will ship new items randomly without a timeline. This includes new items.

We get alot of requests and we hope that you understand that we can only work with a limited amount of people. You are under no obligation to notify us that you wish to stop the collaboration. No need to explain. If we notice that you stop tagging or submitting content, we get it! We will stop sending items too. 

If you are not selected, you will remain on our list for the times when other influencers drop out of sight. We definitely want to consider the next in line. 

We also reserve the right to choose the right person to represent our brand. Please understand, that although this is not a job, we must preserve our image and proper standards that other platforms expect from us. Therefore, we have to select the right person for this. 

There is no rejection letters! Do not worry if you don't hear from us. Trust in us, you are in the line and if an opportunity arises in the near future, we will know how to contact you immediately. We are always looking for new fresh faces. Maybe you can be next sooner than you expected!

Click the Link Below to apply

Thanks for reading, if you have questions, please contact us!


Brand Ambassador