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Influencing the Occult Market

It was recent that I finally got a chance to list the new items from our friends at Alchemy Gothic. The new stuff is impressive and one in particular caught our attention, The Seal of Lucifer Pendant.

This may not seem so remarkable to you now but there was a time when occult jewelry was simply not a norm. It was rare and hard to find. Witchcraft or the occult for that matter, is nothing new but having items to buy that are ready for use were hard to come by. For decades, these items, were produced by artisan creators of all things occult. It was unheard of to see symbols that were meaningful to the occultist as a product that was mass produced. When it came to jewelry, however, it is safe to say that Alchemy Gothic was perhaps one of the best and widely recognized brands that sorta touched the surface on this concept very early on. I will safely assume that they were probably the leading brand for a couple decades that had items that interested us.

They were known for their "Goth" products and particularly touched upon the occult slightly with their pentagram jewelry and products that had a pentagram on them. Growing up in the 80's and 90's this brand was simply incredible at the time. Now fast forward to the 2000's and 2010's and we begin to see more items produced that are not all by Alchemy Gothic but by some other unknown sources. Small mom and pop shop retailers that are referred to as "Goth Shops" and the likes were stocking these pendants that resembled occultism that typically were corded necklaces and cheap metal jewelry. Things were changing and the space was getting bigger and yet, symbolism in jewelry was still not big in the marketplace. Satanic symbols especially, ws never considered and therefore absent in shops everywhere.

Fast forward to 2013, I had started seeing just SOME. Just a small effort made on more occult jewelry in the marketplace. The market in its entirety was growing. More and more goth and occult products were hitting the market but still the markets were relatively small back then. The time was ripe for launching what I personally wanted to see more of that was simply non-existent back then, Satanic Jewelry.

I launched on March 11th, 2013 and things began to gain traction by mid-summer. By October 2013, a self created website with a theme based on all things BAPHOMET or the SIGIL OF BAPHOMET was scheduled to launch and so the official facebook page was soon to follow that month. Sigil of Baphomet Satanic Jewelry was born. By that time, everyone knew who Alchemy Gothic was and Sigil Occult Jewelry (formerly known as Sigil Of Baphomet Satanic Jewelry, at that time) was a fresh new company that specifically catered to the needs and wants of those who followed the Left Hand Path religions. We had alot of work to do to get recognized by the masses that were only used to one major label. Make no mistake, we literally had set out to be as big as Alchemy Gothic when I first launched the site. However, I was not in the "Goth" space as much as they were, assuming that was their business model, I was in the business of doing the Devil's work and I wanted to dominate that space.

Along the way, I kept things very simple for a long time. I wanted to be known for one thing, creating the best quality and crafted Sigils of Baphomet. I was a Satanist and Satanism had been longing for something like this for decades. It is without a doubt in my mind, had Anton LaVey been alive today, he would be proud of my accomplishments. I would have loved to have a chance to create more for his organization, far more than what I am limited to do without requiring approval. However, it was the least I could do and I will continue to bring this product for those who find Satanism.

As time progressed, I felt the need to expand into a wider market. People loved what I was doing and they wanted to see more. I knew that getting out of the boundaries I set myself in when I began was the only way. I needed to step out into a wider market that brought a new type of quality and a new concept to fashion, specifically, when it came to jewelry. There are other categories that could use something fresh and new that is lacking. My brand of jewelry and what we are known for was critical to turn this new market space on its head. We could no longer just be all about Baphomet or relative to Satanism and Paganism. We went into wider spectrum of fashion starting with goth and beyond!